Gresik in Brief

Gresik is one among the most important industrial location in East Java Indonesia. Other than having its own important advantages (natural resources, the se, the people, infrastructure and more), Gresik shares its border with Surabaya. All the Surabaya metropolitanfacilities can be utilized just easily (12 kilometers away, from town to town, utilizing the existing toll road). This district has been hosting both domestic and foreighn investors for decades already. It has long experience, and its ready to accomodate more
Land Space : 1,191.25 km2, consist of the main as part of java island and Bawean Island
Coastal Line : 140 kilometers (including Bawean Island)
Population : 1,319,314 people (2014)
Political goverment : District, subdivition of East Java Province
District subdivition : 18 sub district (kecamatan) and 356 villages (desa)
Climate : Two season : dry season & wet seasons
Average temperature : 23,2 C – 33,4 C
Language : Indonesian language, javanese, English

Industry plays a significant role in the economy of Gresik with an average around 49,80 % in its economic structure, with chemical industries come to second (about 6,99%) wood and the like industries follow in the third place. Trade and hospitaliy industries come to second in the structure with 23,62% followed by agriculture sector, which plays lesser role year by year with by figures of 8,76%. Mining Supports approximately 4,03 % and followed by other sectors (transportation and communications, finance, public utilities etc). The economic growth of Gresik district reach 7,03% in 2014

This town has alot of potential toursm sport that are worth developing and enjoying. This district also has various coasts, caves and many interesting destination in Bawean island. Gresik is also well-known for its religious leaders like Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Sunan Giri, and many more. Besine that Gresik also developing that heritage area for new tourism destination

For more varietties, the surrounding areas like Surabaya, Malang Batu, and more in the same province offer many different tourism attractions and sport activities like fitness centers and luxury golf course